This function allows you to update a repository's features. You can easily change the repository's name, privacy settings, and more.

gh_repos_mutate(path, ...)



GitHub repo path of the form "username/repo". If not provided, will default to current repo.


Additional parameters, see


NA; called for side effects to manipulate GitHub repositories.

See also


if (FALSE) { # Create a Private Repo gh_repos_create(path = "jdtrat/ghee_test", private = TRUE, description = "A test repository.") # Disable Issues gh_repos_mutate(path = "jdtrat/ghee_test", has_issues = FALSE) # Update Description gh_repos_mutate(path = "jdtrat/ghee_test", description = "A test repository for {ghee}.") # Remove Description gh_repos_mutate("jdtrat/friend", description = NA) # Change Privacy Settings gh_repos_mutate(path = "jdtrat/ghee_test", private = FALSE) # Change Repo Name gh_repos_mutate(path = "jdtrat/ghee_test", name = "ghee_testing") # Change Repo Name Back # Note the path argument reflects the name change gh_repos_mutate(path = "jdtrat/ghee_testing", name = "ghee_test") # Delete Repo # Note this requires a special GitHub Token and should be used with caution. gh_repos_delete("jdtrat/ghee_test") }